Many of the people who love GourGanics are vegan. I love to eat clean and do it often. Tonight we made the most delicious stew using wonderful tofu made right here in Middleton Ct by The Bridge. It’s got a creamy texture yet it’s firm enough to cook up and stand out in a crowd of veggies. I made this incredible spicy vegan stew using tofu, leftover broccoli, half an onion and some sliced mushrooms.  When I say I did not miss the milk or meat, I mean it. It took just a little while to cook up and it had so much flavor. My nose is running a little because I used my spicy salsa—the spice is zesty and detoxifying. This meal hit all the senses and satisfied. My daughter loved it too!

Here’s what I had:

Splash of Organic Extra Virgin olive oil

1/2 cup Organic tofu, in bite sized pieces

½ cup leftover Organic broccoli (fresh would have been good, and I would use baby spinach as well)

1/3 cup sliced Organic mushroom

½ small white Organic onion

½ jar GourGanics Spicy Organic Salsa

1/3 cup water (Organic) Kidding!

Here’s what I did:

Heat up the oil and add onions, then tofu. Let cook on low/medium heat for 5 minutes.

Add remaining veg, cook through, add salsa and water as stewing liquid.

Stir and cook until well heated (2-3 minutes or as long as you like).


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