It’s hot hot hot here in good old Fairfield Ct. We wanted to make a simple pasta salad that we can serve cold and dine on all weekend long. Our favorite thing about pasta salads is the versatility of this dish. It’s great as a main dish after gardening on a hot day, and it makes a great side dish alongside grilled food. You can serve it vegetarian, add whatever is growing in your garden or available from your local farm stand. You know we are all about keeping it USDA Organic and as local as possible.

And if you are a carnivore, add cubed chicken, pork, beef, whatever is leftover from grilling the night before.

It’s easy to make a gluten-free pasta salad. Simply start with gluten-free pasta. We checked in at the Whole Foods website and learned¬† “the primary ingredients used as flour in gluten-free pasta are brown rice, corn, a combination of corn and quinoa, potato and soybeans.” So grab a good ORGANIC gluten-free pasta and get cooking!

Here’s what you need:

16 ounces GourGanics USDA organic spicy salsa

12 ounces organic gluten-free pasta

1 cup organic shredded cheese of your choice (I like shredded pepper jack)
1/2 cup fresh organic veggies of choice (chopped cucumbers, snow peas, zucchini, grape tomatoes, carrots, celery)
1 organic red pepper (chopped)

1/2 cup finely chopped organic sweet onion (optional)
1/2 cup organic sour cream,  organic gluten-free vegan replacement or (organic plain Greek yogurt mixed with half the juice of one organic lemon)

Here’s what to do:

  1. Prepare pasta according to box, drain and shock with ice cool water.
  2. Mix rest of ingredients together
  3. cool for at least 1/2 hour and enjoy. If this seems a little dry, add a few more tablespoons of GourGanics salsa and a dash of olive oil, stir to mix.
This recipe serves 4-5 people. Double it for a crowd.

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