My mom used to make Beef Stroganoff with mushrooms, chunks of beef and sour cream, and serve it over white egg noodles. It was divine. I don’t eat much beef these days–and when I do it’s really high quality Grass Fed. So I once modified Mom’s recipe into chicken stroganoff using juicy chicken thighs. Believe it or not, tofu stroganoff makes a great meal as well. And now I’ve changed up the recipe to create something new, meat and gluten-free by adding salsa and a few other things. It’s an easy one pot dish that tastes FANTASTIC.

It’s amazing how little you need to add to salsa to make a great dinner fast. This meal doesn’t really taste like salsa–or Mexican food at all to me. The result was not at all like stroganoff either, though the mushrooms do play a starring role. It is like nothing I’ve ever made before. It sort of reminded me of Thai food. My newly vegetarian nephew will give this a thumbs up!

Here’s what you need:

Dash olive oil

1 pack firm organic tofu

1/2 organic onion chopped rough

1/2 pack or so sliced organic mushrooms

1/2 jar GourGanics Spicy

1/2 jar GourGanics Mild

2 cups of frozen organic brown rice

1 cup water

3 tablespoons Light Organic Sour Cream or vegan replacement

Here’s what to do:

I cut up half an organic onion, added it to the pan with a container of pre sliced mushrooms, tofu and a dash of olive oil. Once the tofu pieces had a slight sear on one side, I flipped them, added a 1/2 jar spicy salsa and 1 cup water. I let this stew for a while. Then I moseyed by our dinner, added 2 cups of frozen organic brown rice, spooned in a large just-baked organic sweet potato (I used the oven but you can microwave) three tablespoons sour cream and 1/2 jar mild GourGanics.

Serve it like a rice curry, a little stewy. The sweet potatoes and rice give it lots of body. Hope you enjoy this simple one pot meal that tastes way more complicated than it actually is.

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